April 5, 2017

SAP Crystal Report 2011

The software SAP Crystal ReportĀ®2011 renews our tradition of excellence and innovation in reporting.

With SAP Crystal Reports software, end users can visualize reports with powerful graphical representations, create report-based business models, and initiate decision-making processes directly from the reports themselves, reducing dependence on IT technicians and developer tors. SAP Crystal Reports targets business users, IT professionals, report designers and application developers with immediately usable data with elaborate formatting to enable more information-rich decision-making processes.

New key features of SAP Crystal Reports

-Extended support forMicrosoft Excel. You will be able to take full advantage of the new Microsoft Excel file format with the Export to XLSX feature that allows you to export more data in a single worksheet, without splitting it into multiple sheets.

-Report in read-only mode. The new RPTR format offers a read-only RPT export option, giving you the assurance that users will not be able to edit reports. Reports in RPTR format cannot be opened with any SAP Crystal Reports design tool. This read-only feature is particularly useful for independent software vendors who wish to protect reports intended for redistribution across applications.

-Viewingreports in read-only mode. Reports in the read-only RPTR format can be viewed in the runtime modules of SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio 2010, and in the latest versions of SAP Crystal Server and SAP Crystal Reports Viewer.

-Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7. SAP Crystal Reports 2011 is certified compatible with Microsoft Windows 7.

-Languages. Currently 22 languages are supported, including Danish, Hungarian, Slovak, and Turkish.